Roger For Mayor of Takoma Park

“His pragmatic vision, approach to governing, and experience as a respected leader within our community make him uniquely suited to lead our city as our next mayor.” –Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot

Big aspirations are great. But it’s time now for creative action.

Roger’s To Do List for Our Next City Council

  • Develop a wise budget that links spending to desired outcomes and tracks the results.
  • Build a more transparent and accountable City government that responds to input from all residents.
  • Ensure that every resident can access pandemic assistance, with a commitment that no one is forced to move from Takoma Park by this crisis.
  • Reimagine policing from the ground up to ensure public safety with racial justice.
  • Spell out how the City will use economic development and climate actions to advance racial equity.
  • Fast-track reductions in carbon emissions through convenient transportation, affordable building improvements, and expansion of our urban forest. 
  • Push for partnerships to generate in every ward of the City a targeted number of affordable new homes. 
  • Build the long-overdue and much-needed playground in northern Ward 6, called for in the 2000 Master Plan.
  • Refocus the Library project on its core mission of creating a vibrant center for discovery and dialogue.
  • Reclaim a community-driven plan for public land at Takoma Junction to emphasize the climate emergency, racial equity, and a vibrant local economy.

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Listen to the WOWD Mayoral candidate forum with Eric Bond, here.

Link to TP Mobilization Mayoral Forum on Climate here.

Roger’s letter on the City’s current Climate Action Plan here.

The Differences

Kate Stewart’s Record
ISSUERoger Schlegel’s Plan
Quick moves followed by controversyProcessWelcome conflict in designing solutions; resist market forces to protect core Takoma values 
One-way public comment periods with little chance for give-and-takeParticipationUse town halls and other forums to examine facts together on issues residents care about.
Hard work on many fronts, often focused on political advocacyApproachWork patiently toward harmonized solutions, drawing on local creativity and goodwill
More money for staff raises than for COVID fund; most aid to businessesPandemicUse COVID fund for direct transfers to residents facing food or housing insecurity
Broken promise for impact statements after 3 years; small steps toward staff training and equitable participation on committeesRacial JusticeEmbed anti-racist goals, processes, metrics created by BIPOC residents in every strategy and action, with targets to build wealth, health, education. Start with truth-telling town halls.
Superficial changes and a rush to create a task force closely tied to policePublic SafetyMove resources out of policing now and into new, compassionate ways of meeting needs, building community, keeping each other safe
Broad climate strategy without priority steps, focused heavily on owner-financed building modificationsClimatePrioritize convenient transit; seize opportunities on/under/above public land; incentivize building changes and green lifestyle choices
Sympathy for flooded residents; promises to study problemsStormwaterGain access to County grants for capturing rain on private land; incentivize growing thirsty trees
Lack of follow-through on commitments to protect environment, hire local, and protect local businesses/residentsDevelopmentDevelop consensus visions for small and large commercial areas and institutional properties; work proactively to get harmonious developments
Planning for a few more bus sheltersTransitGrow transit to get people where they need to go
Publicized “plan” which sets no targets, seeks new housing in any price rangeHousingDecide community targets for affordable housing and seek equitable geographic distribution
Small funds assist a few household and individuals or go unspentAffordabilityLeverage City resources and partnerships to generate affordable rentals and first ownership
Taxes rising faster than rate of inflation to raise salariesProperty TaxKeep tax changes below inflation rate to protect financially squeezed residents
Original $4 million project now close to $12 million (with $7 million bond)LibraryRealize core mission with simpler answer to flood problem; no spending on unrelated projects
Acquiescence to developer, dismissal of residents’ concerns, “wait and see”Takoma JunctionAssert City interests for safety, affordability, racial equity and sustainability; uphold consensus vision
Expanding staff costs, well above inflation rate; ballooning project costs, shrinking reserve fundSpendingTrim managerial costs; stop “mission creep” on projects; use emergency reserve fund only for emergencies (like COVID)
Council follows City manager’s lead and mainly defers to requestsBudget ProcessCouncil will set objectives for City Manager to meet on a defined budget, tied to strategic goals
Tax duplication continuing unabatedCounty RebatesWith metrics, prove what County should reimburse, then ratchet up pressure
No consequences when staff miss deadlines or promote an agendaAccountabilityProvide strong Council oversight by requiring tracking of staff time/costs for programs
Emergency powers let City Mgr deny residents timely access to informationTransparencyInsist that information is easy to find and follow, no secrets or surprises
Deflection, Deferral, and Digging InFacing ConflictListen, dialogue, and keep a sense of humor
Messaging and brandingFocusStudy the details and solve the problems

He conversado con mucha gente de Takoma Park, durante este verano y otoño y también sobre los años pasados. Conozco a muchas cuestiones con significado para trabajadores y sus familias y para inmigrantes.  A pesar de que el discurso político en Takoma Park trata con frecuencia en cuestiones de interés para propietarios adinerados, estoy hablando en todas partes de problemas graves como tránsito inconveniente, el cuidado de los niños, protecciones desde evicción,  peligras para trabajadores y negocios en este pandémico, la necesidad de wi-fi rápido, y miedos al crimen, mezclan con miedos de la policía.  Creo que nuestra comunidad no pueda ser sano y seguro para ningún persona hasta sea sano y seguro para todas.  Quiero trabajar con Prince Georges y Montgomery Counties para designar un systema nuevo de transportación que es compatible con las viajes diarias de familias y trabajadores.  En el sito de Washington Adventist Hospital, quiero mantener servicios médicos, incluyendo cuidado prenatal, para madres nuevas, y para salud mental.  Y con el fondo establecido por Takoma Park para covid-19 asistencia, quiero hacer pagos de transferencia directa a cada casa lo que ha sido herida financieramente por esta catástrofe.(Hablo español — todavía no soy fluido — y he escrito esta sección yo mismo.) –Roger Schlegel